• Secrets of theater stage techniques

    Come and listen to three episodes of a you tube mini series of “Secrets of theater stage techniques revealed”. We will be recording three 15 min episodes. These are the topics we will be covering.

    Managing a stage hog. How to manage another actor who deliberately or unintentionally steals space or focus on a stage.

    Picture perfect. How to make alive and vital action holds on the stage for time passages, PR photo shoots or dramatic genre stylistic frames.

    Invitation to intimacy. How to handle a romantic rendez vous, secret meetings, plotting scene or giving exclusive information to the audience.

    Afterwards the director, Kathleen Ann Thompson, is happy to answer any questions on theater or stage techniques you may have.

    Kathleen Ann Thompson is the founder/Artistic Director of Belleherst Productions. She studied physical theater at Jacque Le Coq’s Ecole du Mime, Paris, and diversely in dance, movement and theater in the U.S.A. Relocating to Europe, she has focused on multicultural street theater, and training young people in movement theater and training young people in dramatic dance. She has written and produced five major productions for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and touring shows in Europe and the U.S.A. Amongst many awards bestowed on her is the National Polish OFTA award and an Honorary Professorship by the Yunan Institute of Arts, Kunming, China.

    If you are willing to participate – please contact Mrs. Sara.

    (Secrets of theater stage techniques – Friday 17th of February, 10:45-12:00, Aula)