Last Tuesday afternoon a group of the 2nd grade students went for their educational walk in English. The aim of the activity was to practise spoken English all the time, all the way. Our destination was Kosciuszko Mound: quite close, a lot to say, a lot to see – all feasible within approximately two hours we had.

    What the students agreed was to use English and only English beginning with the moment they left school until their return.

    It really worked and they did it!

    On the way they were talking about everything they could see: people, landscape, objects, weather or even planes flying in the sky… They were sharing their feelings and memories, asking themselves many various and interesting questions. They also had real fun giving their friends directions, showing the way and actually taking roles of real group leaders – all in English. Using Polish was absolutely forbidden and nobody broke the rules ?

    From the top of the mound students were admiring a spectacular view of Krakow, pointing out and describing various historical sites, places of interest and first of all… our school building?

    We all had really great and effective time. Everybody saw how important and enjoyable it is to use English everyday, everywhere, all the time.

    All the students really enjoyed their practical outdoor English lesson and all admitted it had been ‘the coolest activity in a year’. We all also agreed that such lessons should be practised more often.

    Right on a top of the mound it started raining a bit but nobody cared – students were all absolutely mesmerised by what they were doing.

    At the end of our trip I asked students if they could see the obvious results of their walk and work. They all nooded and added with smile: ” Yes, Ms Kasia, we are all wet”?