• English Film Project

    Better late than never – so they say ??

    After having overcome a lot of obstacles, the finale of the English Film Project took place last week.

    The idea of the project was to prepare a short scene from a film which was either set in the historical period of an English-speaking country or based on classical literature.

    The scene was supposed to be preceded by a short presentation about the period or the book in question. ?

    From an article written by Marysia – one of our senior year students:

    “Participation in such a project is a great fun for both students and teachers. At the same time it is a perfect opportunity to be creative and it lets us discover our hidden talents (…).

    There was a lot of laughter (…) and the memories from this event will stay with us for many years. Actors on the stage of our school auditorium woke us up from our winter sleep by acting and performing musical scenes live as well using films shot on the ground”.

    We entered the worlds of “Alice in Wonderland”, “Narnia”, Monty Python’s “King Arthur”, Jane Austin’s book and Mamma Mia! Musical and a few others.

    And Marysia continues in her article:

    “All involved in the project should be congratulated on for the effort they put in making their presentations and for the courage to show them before the whole school.

    I would like, at this point, to express my special thanks to Antek, who was the best MC ever. (…)

    Various linguistic accents were ear-honey to all the listeners. Freedom of our students to speak English so fluently surprised a lot of us (for sure me). We are looking forward to projects of this type. They allow us to gain knowledge and skills for the future with great fun”

    We also look forward to the next English projects. ?